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Linear Stepper Motors and High Lead Ball Screws (accuracy comparison)


High lead ball screws are compared to IntelLiDrives linear stepper motors. Even though small lead precision ground screws may be somewhat more accurate that high lead screws, they significantly limit linear speed. Ball screw is assumed to be driven by two phase rotary stepper motor with micro-stepper drive to achieve high precision. Thermal expansion errors, equivalent for both systems, were not considered in this analysis.


IntelLiDrives linear stepper motors 40 mm High lead ball screws



2 phase linear stepper(without cycle error correction)


2 phase linear stepper

(with cycle error correction)



cumulative pitch error

0.0004" over 12"

(10 mkm over 300 mm)

accumuluated ref. lead error Ec

25 mkm over 300 mm

cyclic error

0.0006" (15 mkm)

0.0002" (5 mkm)

variation ec

20 mkm




variation e2pi

8 mkm




rotary motor full step error

(3% full step)

6 mkm




motor microstep error

(5% full step)

10 mkm


0.0001"  (25 mkm)

0.0006" (15 mkm)


0.0027" (70 mkm)







0.0004" (10 mkm)

axial play

10 mkm











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