Planar XY System






IntelLiDrives Cartesian Planar system offers the unique capability to operate two axes of motion in one plane with one motor. These systems designed to replace conventional compounded XY tables where one axis is being carried by another. As a result, with the planar systems greater reliability and performance is realized through design simplification and elimination of wear-prone components.


Planar System consists of moving element called the forcer which glides on the frictionless air bearings over special "waffle-like "surface called platen. Planar forcer contains two or four linear motoring modules oriented 90 degrees to each other. As motoring modules respond to varying currents, forcer moves across the platen to produce continuous linear motion. Forcers can be controlled in translation and rotation modes to perform XY and theta (couple degrees) motions.


For multi axes robotic capability planar forcers can be integrated with RTH rotary tables and

Z lift stages.




Planar forcers are compatible with standard drives and indexers. They can also be equipped with IntelLiCoder feedback for closed loop operation.


Planar system can operate in any orientation (side wall, upside-down) with multiple forcers installed and operated  independently on a single platen for high throughput and flexibility in many robotic automation applications.




low profile

high resolution

air bearings

lightweight composite platen

direct drive planar linear motors

can be mounted in any orientation

 Planar forcer construction










XY table


(model and system dependent)


force 25 - 400 N

resolution 1-5 microns

repeatability 2 microns

motion distance 1.0 m x 1.5 m

motion flatness 5-10 microns

motion straightness 5-10 microns

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