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Key Features:

  • Linear motor performance
  • Real time closed position loop
  • High speed moves
  • Fast settling time
  • Linear or S-curve acceleration
Linear ServoStepTM system for IntelLiDrives motors represents a new paradigm in linear motor performance and cost.
Powered by DSP-based digital servo controllers with advanced motion control algorithms, I-DrivesTM   provide high speed and precise positioning capabilities previously available with much costlier linear brushless motors.

Credit card sized (2.5" x 3")  I-Drive-503 delivers 40"/sec and 2G acceleration with only 40VDC motor power supply !


Power Amplifier
 Linear3.jpg (4494 bytes) Tape-less position feedback system, IntelLiCoderTM , references the motor platen surface, providing the feedback for the motor operation with sub-micron resolution for positioning and closed servo loop operation as a brushless motor with improved dynamic performance.


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