Rotary Table RTLA-90-200M

Rotary Table RTLA-90-200M
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Diameter 200 mm

Height 60 mm

Load 30 Kg

RTLA Automation Series of Rotary tables use a worm gear drive design with a heavy duty central rotating ball bearing. 

The tables accept NEMA size 23 stepper motors. All tables have a clear aperture or clear and 360° visial scale.


-  Load capacity 50 kg

-  Stepper or servo motor driven

-  90 mm center aperture

-  Precision bearing system





Parameter Unit RTLA-90-200M RTLA-60-200H
Worm gear ratio   180:1; 90;1, 45:1
Max speed rpm 3 RPM
Load axial Kg 30 70 (100kg for -220H)
Load radial Kg 10 20
Moment Load Nm 10 15
Table top axial run out microns 45
Repeatability (unidirectional) arc-sec 30-48
Table weight Kg 9 14
Clear Aperture mm 90 60
Diameter mm 200


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