Set-up and Indexing

Set-up and Indexing
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Setup & Tuning:




Java based configuration software is powerful and

intuitive. Comprehensive diagnostics, auto-tuning and

advanced oscilloscope tools simplify system commissioning.


Auto-phasing eliminates time consuming rewire-and-try

for encoder/Halls/motor connections. Set-up software

automatically compensates for crossed wires eliminating the most

common cause of startup headaches.



Built-In Indexing:




Point-and-click to define 0 to 32 indexes or index sequences.

Simply select the index/sequence and command GO. Index

sequences can include parameter changes, dwell times

and I/O control. Any parameter can be assigned to a register

for efficient control by a PLC.


Custom functions can be provided for complex applications.

Install the Java "bean" and fill in the blanks. Copley also

provides a flexible OEM programming environment. Copley

Virtual Machine assembler/debugger enables the development

of fast, compact control programs.



Built-In CAM Tables:



Camming is an effective way to produce repetitive motion

synchronized to an external device. A pre-defined cam-table

of slave positions is typically cycled through by a master

encoder connected to the drive. The drive performs linear

interpolation between points to minimize cam-table size.

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