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STROKE 400x300x150 mm

Compact desktop XYZ robot robot featuring end effector moving over stationary object.

It is a lightweight unit for a portable automation or conveyor/work-cell operation.


-  XYZ Robot

-  Inverted Y axis (stationary carriage)

-  Portable desktop solution

-  Stroke 250x300x150 mm

-  Ball screw mechanism

-  Stepper or servo motor driven


Options include:


- larger strokes

- precision grade

- ball screw lead

- motor type

- rotary table installation


STROKE 400x300x150 mm


BSMA-080 (X, Y, Z)

Stroke XYZ

250x300x150 mm

Ball screw lead

5, 10 mm

Motor mounts

 Nema23, M60, M80

Motor type


servo with encoder (4000cpr)


± 5 microns


20 microns / 300 mm

Load capacity

5 kg

Max screw speed

1,000RPS (stepper)

2,000RPS (servo/encoder)

RPS (rev/sec)

Speed in mm/sec = RPS x screw_lead

For larger load capacity and strokes contact the factory

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