Linear Actuator BSMA-140H-150

Linear Actuator BSMA-140H-150
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Stroke 150 mm

Cross-section 125x45 mm (WxH)

Load - 15 Kg

Repeatability - 10 microns

Low profile motorized actuators with precision ball screw provide exceptional accuracy, repeatability and ultra-fine positioning resolution capability to 1 micron in a very compact, low profile unit. They are ideal for space-critical applications such as optical, laser applications




150 mm

Ball screw lead

4 mm

Motor mounts


Motor type


servo with encoder (4000cpr)


± 10 microns

Load capacity

15 kg

Max screw speed

10 RPS (stepper)

25 RPS (servo/encoder)

RPS (rev/sec)

Speed in mm/sec = RPS x screw_lead

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