linear encoders Key Features:
Sealed system
Small profile
Self guided read head
High accuracy
Built-in signal interpolation
Wide mounting tolerances
Measurement up to 3 m


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The scale and scanning unit of sealed linear encoders are protected against harsh environments by an aluminum housing with flexible sealing lips. The sealed linear scales come in several size configurations as well as lengths. Accuracy grades range from 3m/m  to 10 m/m . Reference marks come in standard or distance-coded versions.

These linear encoders are interchangeable with several popular competitive  brands.


cross-section mm 18x46, 20x51, 25x52, 35x62
measuring length mm 70 to 3220
overall length mm ML + 105
resolution (after user's x4) micron 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 5, 10
accuracy (at 20) micron/m

3, 5,  10

outputs   analog 1Vpp or digital RS-422
supply voltage VDC 5 10%
measuring speed m/sec 1
operating temperature deg C 0 to 50
protection   IP53



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