linear encoder Key Features:
Open measuring system
Small read head
Contact less design
High measuring speed
Superior accuracy
Wide mounting tolerances
Built-in signal interpolation
Measurement up to 30 m
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Open linear encoder measuring system based on the purely inductive operating principal consists of:


 - read head with sensors and integrated signal processing ASIC

 - stainless steel tape with grating scale


This linear encoder system features:


 - ease of installation without special tools

 - immunity to environmental influences

 - immunity to electrical and electromagnetic interferences



resolution micron 25, 10,  5,  1,  0.5,  0.25
accuracy micron/m 5
measuring length m 30
supply voltage VDC 5 10%
measuring speed m/sec 20
gap to scale mm 0.2 0.15
reference mark   any position with resolution 1 mm
distance coded marks   available
limit sensors   two
operating temperature deg C 0 to 50



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