Key Features:
  · Direct drive
  · Large center aperture
  · Brushless design
  · Precision bearing system
  · Integrated position feedback
  · Built-in thermal sensors
  · Water cooling option
  · Brake option
  · Sealed/pressurized option
  · T-slot tabletop option

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ServoRingTM rotary tables provide superior angular positioning and are designed to eliminate backlash, friction and wear problems associated with worm, gear and belt drives. Low maintenance and high throughput characteristics of the ServoRing Stage yields the lowest total cost of ownership


To maximize positioning performance ServoRingTM rotary tables utilizes direct drive three phase ring brushless motor technology. There are no brushes to replace and no gear trains or belts to maintain. “Lo-Cog” magnetic design assures smooth rotation and dynamic performance


Compact package


The design of the ServoRingTM rotary stages was optimized to provide highest torque density in the smallest volume. ServoRing stage has clear center aperture that can be used for air or wire line feed-through or beam delivery


Accurate Positioning performance is assured with precision encoder that provides sub arc-sec positioning resolution. The motor and rotary encoders are directly coupled to eliminate coupling backlash.


High precision roller bearings for combined axial/radial loads are used to maximize performance with respect to wobble and moment stiffness



Semiconductor manufacturing   Machine Tools   Packaging and Plastic machinery
IC testing   Transfer stations   Part unloaders
LCD production   Dial tables   Material handling
Wafer handling  

Tool changers


Die actuators

Electronic assembly   Table drives   Side action tools





 ServoRing Rotary Tables Specifications


Parameter Unit SRT-35-HL SRT-65-HL SRT-75-1-HL SRT-75-2-HL SRT-100-HL
Peak torque Nm 95 190 260 260 340

Continuous torque

ambient cooling

Nm 35 65 75 75 100

Cont. torque

water cooling

Nm 60 140 185 185 240
Position resolution counts/rev up to 1,280,000 up to 6,000,000 up to 6,000,000 up to 1,280,000

up to  1,280,000

Position repeatability arc-sec 1 0.2 0.2 1 1
Axial/radial runout micron 5 5 5 5 5
Axial/radial load kN 80/70 80/70 80/70 80/70 80/70
Dimensions ODxID mm 305 x 80 305 x 80 395x100 395x50 395x140
Height mm 157 182 100 110 220
Mount flange flange flange flange flange


Models with larger diameters and torques are available.  Contact the factory


  ServoRing Rotary Tables Construction




+  +

Integrated ServoRing

 rotary table


ServoRing motor



Ring encoder



Ring bearing










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