Lift-Rotary L140-10+R140

Lift-Rotary L140-10+R140
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Lift 10 mm

Air bearings

Load 8 Kg

The RotoLinear Z(Lift) - θ (Theta) Positioning Module is a high performance dual-axis air bearing system that replaces bulkier conventional electro-mechanical actuators in pick-and-place applications. It combines the latest brushless servo motor, encoder and air bearing technologies to deliver precise, programmable position and speed control in an extremely compact package. This Z-θ stage utilizes 2-axis Planar and air bearing technologies. The drive, bearings and feedback are totally non-contact. The RotoLinear Stage has a hole-through to route auxiliary vacuum and electrical lines to the top surface of the stage. Can be installed on the Planar XY forcer to operate as robotic X-Y-Z-Theta cell.


Lift 10 mm, Unlimited rotation





Rotary axis

Lift axis

Rotary axis

Lift axis

Tabletop diameter

140 mm


100 mm


Stage clear aperture

36 mm

20 mm

Torque / Force 

3 Nm

140 N

1 Nm

90 N


direct drive brushless  2 –phase

Control method (note 1)

Closed loop servo (feedback required)

open loop micro-stepping (feedback optional)

Motor pole pitch

1 deg

1 mm

1.5 deg

1 mm

Current per phase (note 2)

3 Amp

Travel range

unlimited rotation

10 mm

unlimited rotation


Motor resolution (note 3)

3.6 arc-sec

1 µm

5.4 arc-sec

1 µm

Feedback resolution

360,000 (note 4)


1 µm

240,000 (note 4)

1,200,000 (note 5)


1 µm

Repeatability unidirectional (no feedback)

3 arc-sec

5 µm

3 arc-sec

5 µm

Repeatability (with feedback)

3.6 arc-sec

1 µm

1 µm

1 arc-sec

Home/reference sensor

FESTO SIEN-M5B (PNP or NPN output)

Number of sensors

One per rev

One -

 Bottom pos.

One per rev

Three –

top, middle, bottom pos.

Rated speed (note 6)

120 rpm

200 mm/sec

120 rpm

100 mm/sec

Bearing (axis/radial)

air / air

Air bearing pressure

(note 7)

3.2 Atm

Bearing run-out/straightness

5-10 µm

Load weight

8 Kg

4 Kg

Stage weight

5 Kg

3.5 Kg

Material / finish

anodized aluminum

Operating temperature

25 ºC


Note 1

Control modes:

micro-stepping open loop no feedback, open loop with position verification (requires micro-stepping drive)

closed servo position loop (requires servo drive)

Note 2

Reduce current to 50% after motion completion to reduce coil heating (open loop micro-stepping)

Note 3

With micro-stepping drive 250 µsteps/step

Note 4

Interpolated output, internal IntelLiCoder feedback, RS-422, 5V TTT, quadrature differential A+, A-, B+, B-

Note 5

With external ring encoder RS-422, 5V TTT, quadrature differential A+, A-, B+, B-

Note 6

Unloaded stage rated speed. Actual speed depends on load and amplifier bus voltage (Consult the factory)

Note 7

Air supply must be clean, dry to 0° F dew point, and filtered to 0.25 µm or better


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