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XYZ stroke 30x30x30mm

Load vertical 3 Kg

BSMA miniature linear actuators designed for the space confined applications while retaining the high reliability required in production environments. It is an ideal choice for measurement, testing, alignment and component assembly in any application on the factory floor or laboratory environments.

The precision ball screw or micrometer grade lead screw provide excellent accuracy and repeatability with ultra-fine positioning resolution capability of 0.1 micron or finer when driven by the stepper motor. The servomotor version is equipped with a rotary encoder and provides exceptionally smooth travel.




Stroke X x Y x Z

30x30x30 mm

Ball screw lead

1 mm

Motor mounts


Motor type


servo with encoder (4000cpr)


± 5 microns


10 microns

Load capacity

3 kg

Max screw speed

10 RPS (stepper)

20 RPS (servo/encoder)

RPS (rev/sec)

Speed in mm/sec = RPS x screw_lead

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