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Linear motors
Stroke 200x200 mm

Aperture 200x200 mm

Load 10 Kg

An open-frame  XY stages designed with a low profile for a wide range of automated accurate positioning applications. 

The linear motor drive mechanism located on the side of the unit and offers a clear unobstructed two axes aperture to enable light or objects to pass through the center of travel.

XY table fitted with precision linear encoders 1micron resolution


Model Unit



Stroke XY mm 200x200
Aperture mm 200x200
Table top mm 380x380
Height mm 140
Accuracy micron 10
Backlash micron

0 (linear motor/encoder)

Straightness micron 10
Resolution micron 0.5; 1.0
Motor type  

Linear motor/encoder (option)

Repeatability micron

1 (linear motor/encoder)

Load capacity kg 10
Table weight kg 15
Max  speed mm/sec

600 (linear motor)



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