Linear actuator IDK28-60-SLIDE

Linear actuator IDK28-60-SLIDE
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Stroke 60 mm

Length 180 mm

WxH 28x45 mm

Force 70 N

Motorized precision actuators offer up to 100 mm travel range. Precision motion is accomplished by a miniature stepper motor providing sub-micron resolution. Precision fine pitch screw mechanism converts rotation of the motor shaft into linear travel while avoiding backlash inside the system. This provides very responsive motion with trust force of 70 N and low friction. These actuators are offered in multiple travel ranges with limit switches at both ends of the travel.

- Stepper motor driven

- Motorized screws design

- moving slide

- Built-in limit sensors


Parameter Unit






Screw lead

mm 2


micron 20



Stepper Nema 11
Optional encoder

Speed  (note 1)

mm/sec 40

Load   (note 2)

N 30 ...70

Limit switches


Stage weight

kg 0.5

Note 1:

Max load 3 kg when load is on the slide front

Max load 7 kg when load is on the slide rear

Max load 5 kg in vertical trust

Max load 7 kg in horizontal trust


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