Z STAGE



 Lift Z stages provide direct vertical motion, eliminating needs  to use wedge and other mechanical  translation means. Top plate moves up and down without any horizontal displacement. Stages have all-around air bearings which can also serve as a fail-safe brake. Lift Z stages can be integrated with Rotary tables  and installed on Planar XY table  for multi-axes applications.


Air bearing operates by floating the forcer on high pressure air introduced through orifices in the forcer. Air bearing motors can operate continuously at high speed without wear.


IntelLiDrives Lift Z stages are micro-stepped by proportioning currents in two phases of the forcer, much same as in rotary stepping motors.  When micro-stepping LSM Z stages, higher positioning resolution,  smoothness at slow speeds and wider speed range are achieved. Can be supplied with IntelLiCoder feedback for closed loop servo operation.


Z-Theta stage XY-Z stage XY-Z-Theta stage



  • direct drive

  • air bearings

  • straight vertical motion

  • no servo tuning required

  • compatible with stepping motor drives

  • lowest cost Z motion solution




  • semiconductor manufacturing

  • electronic assembly

  • lab automation

  • robotics



    (model and system dependent)


  • force 40N to 200N

  • stroke 5 mm to 100 mm

  • resolution 0.5 microns

  • repeatability 1 micron

  • motion straightness 5 microns

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