XY table
XY table Key Features:
Mounted face up or inverted
Air bearings XY table
Large travel area
IntelLiCoder Linear Feedback
XY Theta control is possible   
Lightweight platen construction
Overlapping trajectories with multiple forcers



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IntelLiDrives Planar XY table offers the unique capability to operate two axes of motion in one plane with one motor. These systems designed to replace conventional compounded XY table systems where one axis is being carried by another. As a result, with Planar XY table greater reliability and performance is realized through design simplification and elimination of wear-prone components.


Planar XY table consists of moving element called forcer which glides on the frictionless air bearings over special "waffle-like "surface called platen. Planar forcer contains two or four linear motoring modules oriented 90 degrees to each other. As motoring modules respond to varying currents, forcer moves across the platen to produce continuous linear motion. Forcers can also be controlled in translation and rotation modes to perform XY and theta (couple degrees) motions. For large rotational capability planar forcers can be integrated with RTH rotary tables and with Z lift motors.


Planar forcers are compatible with standard micro-stepping drives and indexers. They can also be equipped withXY table IntelLiCoder feedback and driven as a commutated brushless motor.


Planar XY table can operate in any orientation (side wall, upside-down).


Multiple forcers can be installed and operated  independently on a single platen for high throughput and flexibility in many robotic automation applications.





   SYSTEM                 LSM XY6 LSM XY12 LSM XY25
   Static force         lb 6 15 30
   Dynamic force note 1 lb 4 12 25
   Repeatability note 2 in         0.0001        
   Resolution note 3 in         0.0001        
   Travel straightness note 4 in / in         0.0004 / 40        
   Operating speed in / sec         100        
   Forcer type             PM hybrid    
   Number of coils                2,4       
   Number of phases note 5        2,4       
   Cyclic error uncorrected    in      0.0008   
   corrected note 6 in     0.0004   
   Current per coil    amp     1.5   
   Max case temperature    deg F     100   
   Bearing type top            air       
   Air Bearing pressure    psi     60-80   
    flow scfm     0.75   
   Air gap note 7 in    


   Forcer weight      


1.0 2.0 4.0
   Forcer size      

in x in

4x4 6x6 / 3x12 6x12
   Forcer finish                       hard anodized       




   Platen size  note 8 in x in 10x15,15x20, 20x30, 30x30, 30x40, 40x60
         mm x mm  300x300, 600x600, 600x1000,1000x1500
   Platen pitch        in     0.020 / 0.040   
   Cumulative pitch error   in / ft     0.0004   
   Platen thermal expansion error   in / in / deg F    0.00000633   
Note 1 At 20 in/sec with 60 VDC power supply Note 5 Four phase models available. Consult the factory
Note 2 Unidirectional Note 6 With cyclic error correction
Note 3 Dependent on micro-stepping resolution Note 7 Gap varies with pressure for air bearing motors
Note 4 Dependent on the mounting serface and method Note 8 Consult the factory other  travel requirements


IntelLiDrives manufactures large area platens on the steel, lightweight composites and granite bases

with large forcers . Contact  the  factory  for custom solution




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