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Key Features:
  • DSP based drives and indexers
  • Real time closed position loop
  • Standalone Indexer or Smart Drive
  • Pulse and direction interface
  • Fully digital amplifier
Feature I-Drive 503 I-Drive 806
Logic power supply 5 VDC 12-48 VDC
Motor Power supply 12-48 VDC 36-80VDC
Motor current 3.0 Amp 6.0 Amp
Control modes

positon, velocity, force

open loop microstepping (512 micro-steps per motor step)
closed loop Linear ServoStep
Control interface pulse and direction pulse and direction
RS-232, RS-245 (multi-drop)
Encoder interface differential RS-422 differential RS-422
SINE/COS encoder
Inputs/outputs (optoisolated) travel limits
encoder position capture
servo enable
Protection overcurrent
over/under voltage
control error
Packaging credit card 2.5" x 4"x 0.5" cased 4" x 5" x 1"


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