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Linear motor - Types and construction



linear motor

Linear Servo Motors are frameless permanent magnet three phase brush-less servo motors. They are, fundamentally, rotary motors that are rolled out flat. In linear motor the rotor rolled out to become a magnet track. The rotary stator became linear motor forcer coil assembly.  It is typical, in linear applications, for magnet track to be stationary and to have a moving forcer assembly, due to their relative sizes and masses. In short stroke applications, their positions can be reversed.


The are three types of linear servo motors available from IntelLiDrives:


Iron core single magnet track linear motor has coils wound on silicon laminations to maximize generated thrust forces. They also have attraction forces between iron forcer and magnets in the track, which is beneficial to preload air bearings, for example. With mechanical linear guides this attraction force preload the bearings. Iron core linear motor also exhibit so called cogging force caused by the tendency of the forcer poles to aligned themselves with magnet poles. IntelLiDrives linear motors are designed to reduce both attraction and cogging forces that allow them to be used in high precision constant velocity applications.


Iron core dual magnet track linear motor has dual magnet track to balance magnetic attraction forces between forcer and magnet track. Using them with mechanical linear guides produces quite and smooth linear actuators without concerns for bearing lifetime.


Ironless linear motor (also called slot-less) have no iron or slots. These linear motors have zero cogging and attraction forces and coils are very light.  They are applied when very low friction and extreme low speed velocity smoothness is required. To maximize thrust forces dual magnet tracks are used. These linear motors can also be supplied with single magnet track.


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