RotoRingTM Series

RotoRingTM Series rotary tables provide superior angular positioning and are designed to eliminate backlash, friction and wear problems associated with worm, gear and belt drives.


They combine axial brushless RotoLinearTM motoring modules and planar air bearings integrated in a compact, direct drive configuration. Large area air bearings provide sufficient payload stiffness and maximizes performance in respect to wobble and



Radially distributed RotoLinearTM motoring modules provide high positioning stiffness during rotary indexing and when installed on moving XY tables.


These tables provide unlimited rotation and are capable of precise positioning and velocity controls when used with micro-stepping drives. Can also be equipped with IntelLiCoder feedback for closed loop operation.


RotoRingsTM tables can be mounted in any orientation and have "large open center design". When used in processing 12" semiconductor wafers, every area of the wafer can be accessed.


In general automation applications large open center offers the opportunity to access parts from inside and outside of the table simultaneously. This feature allows robotic devices, pick and place and ancillary tooling to be mounted inside the table, saving floor space and reducing parts handling with increased productivity.


See also ServoRing Series rotary tables  for high capacity high speed rotary table applications.



low profile

high resolution
large center aperture
radial and axial air bearings

can be mounted in any orientation

direct drive RotoLinear motoring  modules


(model and system dependent)


torque 10-50 Nm

resolution 2-10 arc-sec
accuracy 10-20 arc-sec
runout 5-10 microns

table height 37-45 mm

table OD 150-450 mm

table ID 50-350 mm




RotoRing construction

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