linear actuator
linear actuator


     Key Features:
Turn-key solution
Modular design
Direct Linear Drive
High speed and acceleration
Zero backlash
Fast settling time
Long stroke
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The Direct Drive Linear Actuator


Linear Servo Slide system is an integrated Linear Actuator that eliminates wear, friction, backlash and compliances associated with mechanical transmissions, such as ball/lead screws, rack & pinion, belts/pulses and gearboxes.



Integral Linear Encoder


Precision non-contact linear position feedback with selectable resolution from 0.1 to 10 microns is mounted in the carriage to minimize thermal drift.

IntelLiDrives Linear Actuator Benefits


          Zero maintenance

          Zero backlash and compliance

          High stiffness

          High positional accuracy

          Compact mechanical assembly

          Reduced parts count in the machine

          Smooth velocity



Limit Sensors


Stage has limit and home sensors to establish end of travel and “home” positions.


Protective seals


Stainless steel strip provides IP protection to the Linear Actuator interior. Optional bellows are available.

Connector Panel

 Provides “plug-in” connectivity and quick disconnect for all signal and power requirements.

Linear Motor Forcer


Brush-less linear servo motor features non-contact design and low cogging for fast and accurate positioning.


High Strength Aluminum Body


Extruded aluminum housing is precision machined to provide outstanding straightness and flatness for installations in horizontal or vertical orientations.


Cable Transport Module


Cable track with high flex robotic cable is installed and pre-wired to the linear actuator connector panel



Carriage support bearings 


Double rail bearing system is integrated into the Linear Actuator  to support moving carriage and to provide dynamic stiffness and precise straightness of travel

Ease of mounting is achieved


using housing T-slots and clamp down brackets.


Multi-axes systems


Gantry and XYZ robotic arms can be easily constructed using multiple ServoSlide Linear Actuators

Model     LSS-90 LSS-120 LSS-200
Peak force (note1) Fp N 250 450 1300
Continuous force (note 2) Fc N 80 160 570
Max speed at Fp @ 220 VAC Vp m/sec 7 5 2
Accuracy (note 3)   mkm 5 - 50
Resolution (note 3)   mkm 0.1 - 25
Repeatability (note 3)   mkm 0.5 - 10
Forcer weight Kg 2 3 6
Max payload weight   kg


100 200
Stage profile (width x height)   kg 90 x 60 120 x 80 200 x 120
Max stroke (note 4)   m 6 6 4
note 1 duration 1 sec
note 2 coil at 120C
note 3

dependent on encoder type and travel length.

note 4 length over 2 m consult the factory


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