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Clean Room Actuators

Class 10 Clean Room rating is achieved through a sealed structure and high durability stainless steel strip cover. The actuator body is electro-less plated for corrosion resistance. Actuator has vacuum suctions ports to exhaust any particles generated by the moving parts.  

Linear actuator BSMA-058CR

Stroke 50...300 mm

Cross-section 58x36 mm (WxH)

Load 20 Kg

Linear actuator BSMA-076CR

Stroke 50...600 mm

Cross-section 76x55 mm (WxH)

Load 40 Kg

Linear actuator BSMA-098CR

Stroke 100...800 mm

Cross-section 98x62 mm (WxH)

Load 60 Kg

Linear actuator BSMA-115CR

Stroke 100...1000 mm

Cross-section 115x75 mm (WxH)

Load 100 Kg

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