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linear encoder      Key Features:

Tape-less linear encoder 

Closed loop controls
Senses lost steps
Operates as an incremental encoder
Can be used with single and
   dual axes planar motors
ASIC technology   


IntelLiDrives read heads reference the platen surface providing motor position feedback. They do not require glass or metal scale strips. Position information is derived off the platen surface. and interpolated to sub-micron digital resolution in custom ASIC.


IntelLiCoder output is a standard RS-422 compatible encoder output (A, A*, B, B*) and easily interfaces to motion controllers and digital readouts (DRO).


IntelLiDrives motors coupled with IntelLiCoder read heads can be used in the following modes of operation:

--  open loop controls with sense of lost steps

--  open loop controls with position verification and end-of-motion adjustment

--  Linear ServoStep closed loop control operation as a brushless DC servo motor with improved

    dynamic performance and precision


Planar XY forcers can be actively controlled in XY and Theta direction,  providing translational and rotational capabilities to the system.





Unit  analog     


   Power supply

VDC 5 +/- 5%

   Output signal



 analog differential

+/- 1 Vpp into 120 Ohm

TTL digital


RS422 compatible


micron (in)

dependent on

external interpolator

250 (0.01), 125(0.005)

50(0.002), 25(0.001)

10(0.0004), 5(0.0002)

1(0.00004), 0.5(0.00002),




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