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Large Aperture Rotary Table

Rotary tables with aperture (center hole-through) sizes from 110 to 490 mm. Available with direct drive motors, worm gear or belt drive mechanisms 

Rotary actuator with belt
Rotary actuator RTHPB-150

Diameter 258 mm

Aperture 150 mm

Height 38 mm

rotary actuators
Rotary actuator RTHPB-350

Diameter 400 mm

Aperture 350 mm

Height 71 mm

Rotary table ACR-332HT (High torque)

Diameter 510 mm

Aperture 332 mm

Height 68 mm

Rotary table ACR-414HT (High torque)

Diameter 590 mm

Aperture 414 mm

Height 68 mm

Rotary table ACR-480UT (Ultrathin)

Diameter 616 mm

Aperture 487 mm

Height 22 mm

Low profile rotary table
Rotary table PSR-180UT (Ultrathin)

Diameter 180 mm

Aperture 55 mm

Height 22 mm

rotary actuator with absolute encoder
Rotary table PSR300MHS-ABS


Diameter 300 mm

Aperture 145 mm

Absolute encoder

Rotary table RR-10-6


Diameter 254 mm

Aperture 152 mm

Height 37 mm

Rotary table RR-14-10


Diameter 355 mm

Aperture 254 mm

Height 45 mm

Rotary Table RR-18-14


Diameter 454 mm

Aperture 355 mm

Height 56 mm

Rotary table with large hole-through
Rotary Table RTLA-280-400


Diameter 400 mm

Aperture 280 mm

Height 62 mm

Large aperture rotary table
Rotary Table RTLA-380-560


Diameter 560 mm

Aperture 380 mm

Height 79 mm

Rotary table ACR-160UT (Ultrathin)

Diameter 287 mm

Aperture 158 mm

Height 22 mm

Rotary table ACR-250HT (High torque)

Diameter 430 mm

Aperture 254 mm

Height 68 mm

rotary table with absolute encoder
Rotary table ACR240HT-ABS


Diameter 430 mm

Aperture 238 mm

Absolute encoder

Rotary table RTLA-180-300


Diameter 300 mm

Aperture 180 mm

Height 62 mm

Rotary table ACR-260UT (Ultrathin)

Diameter 387 mm

Aperture 259 mm

Height 22 mm

Rotary table ACR-335UT (Ultrathin)

Diameter 463 mm

Aperture 335 mm

Height 22 mm

Rotary table ACR-490HT (High torque)

Diameter 675 mm

Aperture 490 mm

Height 68 mm

Rotary table PSR-200MHS


Diameter 200 mm

Aperture 55 mm

Height 42 mm

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