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Rotary Actuators and Stages

IntelLiDrives manufactures a large selection of motorized rotary actuators with worm-gear and belt mechanisms. These rotary actuators are available with many different size apertures, table diameters, mounting options and motor choices to provide the solution for industrial automation applications. IntelLiDrives rotary stages are used in industrial robots, fiberoptics and photonics, vision systems, machine tools, assembly, semiconductor equipment, medical component laser machining, electronic manufacturing and other high-performance motion control applications.

Rotary actuator with belt
Rotary actuator RTB-8U

Diameter 60 mm

Aperture 20 mm

Height 25 mm

Rotary actuator with belt
Rotary actuator RTB-8U-TP

Diameter 130 mm

Aperture 20 mm

Height 40 mm

Rotary actuator RTHM-16 (Ultrathin)


Diameter 60 mm

Aperture 25 mm

Height 16 mm

Rotary actuator with belt
Rotary actuator RTHPB-150

Diameter 258 mm

Aperture 150 mm

Height 38 mm

rotary actuators
Rotary actuator RTHPB-350

Diameter 400 mm

Aperture 350 mm

Height 71 mm

rotary actuators
Rotary actuators RTGA-85-33


Diameter 85 mm

Aperture 33 mm

Load 50 Kg

Miniature rotary stage
Rotary stage RTHM-151


Diameter 60 mm

Aperture 30 mm

Height 29 mm

Small rotary stage
Rotary stage RTHM-174


Diameter 40 mm

Aperture 11 mm

Height 25 mm

Precision rotary stage
Rotary stage RTHM-190


Diameter 92 mm

Aperture 50 mm

Height 36 mm

Low profile rotary table
Rotary table PSR-180UT (Ultrathin)

Diameter 180 mm

Aperture 55 mm

Height 22 mm

rotary actuators
Rotary Table RTLA-0-60


Diameter 60 mm

Height 45 mm

Load 2 Kg

Rotary Table RTLA-100-200LP

Diameter 200 mm

Height 50 mm

Load 15 Kg

Rotary table with large hole-through
Rotary Table RTLA-280-400


Diameter 400 mm

Aperture 280 mm

Height 62 mm

Miniature rotary stage
Rotary Table RTLA-30-100


Diameter 100 mm

Height 45 mm

Load 5 Kg

Large aperture rotary table
Rotary Table RTLA-380-560


Diameter 560 mm

Aperture 380 mm

Height 79 mm

Rotary Table RTLA-60-150LP

Diameter 150 mm

Height 50 mm

Load 10 Kg

Heavy load rotary table
Rotary Table RTLA-60-200H


Diameter 200 mm

Height 83 mm

Load 70 Kg

Rotary Table RTLA-8-30

Diameter 30 mm

Height 30 mm

Load 1 Kg

High torque rotary actuator
Rotary Table RTLA-90-200M

Diameter 200 mm

Height 60 mm

Load 30 Kg

rotary actuators
Rotary actuator RTGA-130-62


Diameter 130 mm

Aperture 62 mm

Load 100 Kg

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