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Ball Screw XYZ systems

Automation Series XYZ robotic arm, XYZ gantry and XYZ desktop robot with Ball Screw actuators.

XY tables

Simple stackable turn-key XY table solutions

Robotic arm XYZ systems

Cantilever style open access cartesian robots with all moving axes located above work area.

Gantry XYZ systems

Gantry style cartesian robots with large working areas. All moving axes located above work area.

XYZ Robots Type 2 - Split axes

Split axes design with motorized YZ bridge traversing over moving X axis. This flexible configuration suited for conveyor fed automation or heavy vertical loads

XYZ Robots Type 1 - Desktop

Compact desktop XYZ robot featuring work tool moving over stationary object. It is a portable unit with a choice stepping or servo motor drives

XYZ Robots Type 4 - Desktop

Compact desktop XYZ robot robot featuring end effector moving over stationary object. It is a lightweight unit for portable automation

XZ Stacker Robot

XZ Stacker Robot Module controls mechanism with two degrees of freedom – a linear X axis followed by a vertical Z motion. It is suitable for pick & place operation and objects stacking and sorting

Custom configurations

Configurable 2-axis (XY and XZ) and 3-axis (XYZ) solutions

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